online safety officer course Pakistan
online safety officer course Pakistan
After qualifying all the exams, the student will be award with grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.

Alhuda Online Safety Officer course institute Pakistan purpose of this course is to train and motivate participant to emerge as Safety Officer, it has been designed to impart skills regarding maintenance of safety while executing civil, electrical and mechanical works. It incorporates the knowledge and skills required to handle any category of medical emergency, if created, while work is going on at construction sites, at any industry, and company, through provision of first aid training.

Course Duration is depend upon the student interest and decided after interview.

Safety officers play a dynamic role in those industries where risk involvement is higher than the other industries during working processes. Oil and Gas extraction, production of goods, usage of machines and equipment during the construction projects. There is a higher demand of safety officers in those countries where the before mentioned tasks take place due to the natural existence of oil and gas. Every country needs a safety officer. Because they need a man in the industry or company to protect their worker who can protect the worker at the spot. In order to reduce the risk and the industry pays a very good salary to the safety officer and all the other facilities are also provided. It is in great demand in foreign countries.

Students/Participants will learn in Alhuda Online Safety Officer course institute Pakistan about, Safety, Health and Environment objectives, General Safety rules, Emergency instructions, Action in case of leakage of any chemical, Fire Protection System, Accident investigation and its effectiveness, First Aid, Fire and evacuation, Dangerous Substances, Engineering safety, Structural Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire prevention, Stress at Work, etc. You can choose one of them courses for safety officer and you can start your career at any country which you want to go.

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